Worth knowing Budgeting and Accounts Regulation 2015

By 2020, local authorities, associations and their outsourced entities must implement the 2015 Budgeting and Accounts Regulation. The budget prepared in autumn 2019 is already subject to the new integrated three-component account. A financial and earnings forecast must be prepared. The cost coverage or necessary subsidisation of individual areas will become clearer and transparency with regard to the financial situation of the local authority increased, without being dependent on the previous secondary appraisals / special evaluations.

The changeover to the new system thus offers opportunities that should be exploited: there are numerous options and latitude in valuation, the current use of which will determine the financial profile of the local authority in the future.

In this context, we are available if you have any queries and will support you in creating the necessary prerequisites, or advise you in optimising the individual situation of your local authority.