Are you “VAT-fit”?

VAT Check: A functioning risk management in the field of VAT forms the core of every proper tax control system.

Small cause - big effect.

In value-added tax, even small errors or carelessness can have significant tax consequences, ranging from tax payments, denial of input tax deduction, to financial criminal consequences for the company and its decision makers. At the same time, there are regularly tax optimization opportunities in the area of value-added tax.

Our individual value-added tax fitness check is designed as a workshop:

We spend a day in your company’s accounting department and analyze your “VAT fitness” together with you. The goal is to identify VAT risks in your company and work together to find solutions to avoid VAT risks and tax traps in the future. At the same time, we identify potential for better use of VAT benefits and opportunities for cost savings in VAT compliance.

The most common topics of the VAT fitness check are:

_correct determination of input VAT keys,

_processing of cross-border transactions (including consecutive and triangular transactions, import/export cases with third countries),

_correct invoice verification and accounting (incoming and outgoing invoice workflow),

_compliance with legal declaration and documentation obligations (complete and timely submission of VAT returns and EC Sales Lists, supplier VAT ID verification).

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