Services Auditing

We believe that auditing is not a burdensome chore, but can provide the client with important information for improvement. Therefore, our work does not end with the completion of the audit procedures – it goes beyond that. The audit gives us the necessary insight to identify potential for improvement and make suggestions – an opportunity that benefits most of our clients.

_ Foundation audit
_ Non-cash capital contributions audit
_ Audit of cash compensation
_ Merger audit
_ Spin-off audit
_ Conversion audit
_ Accountability audit for associations
_ Performance audits
_ Special audits
_ Embezzlement audits
_ System and process audits
_ Audit-related consulting


Prof. Dr. 

Klaus Rabel

Senior Partner, Managing Director

Mario Rainer

Authorised representative

Walter Zenkl

Partner, Managing Director Rabel & Partner Kärnten GmbH

Hannes Eichinger

Partner, Managing Director

Josef Klug

Senior Partner, Managing Director